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Our Obstacles

Every Cerus Race Has Different Obstacles. Here are some you may encounter!

See if you can make it the distance without falling!

Pick up these 30-50lb sandbags and get walking!

Over 100 feet of pure joy. Hope you’re ready to get wet!

Our walls range in height from 6.5-8 foot.

A forward to reverse bearcrawl…uphill!

You think you’re balanced? Just try doing it with a bit of weight.

Fill above the line and carry. Be prepared for water, rocks and dirt.

We love tires. Be prepared to walk through them, huck them, jump them…yeah lots of tires.

We love long, winding army crawls. Time to get dirty!

Coming to CerusRuk on 5-12-18. Bridge the gap between two opposing surfaces and move horizontally to safety!

Coming to CerusRuk on 5-12-18. Squeeze your body and ruck between rows of hanging tires and muddy slop.

We love walls– these walls are specific to CerusRUK and it’s permitted to drop your ruck weight before you scale them

Hint: I hope you aren’t afraid of the dark

Hint: It involves ropes.

Hint: The Bull Rig is Coming.