Cerus Squad Fitness Challenge

Stay active with the Cerus Squad for our 12 Days of Fitness Challenge and earn FREE rewards.

12 Days of Fitness Challenge

Starting on December 9th work your way through all 12 days of our mini-fitness challenges

Instructions for each day are listed below. We will post a daily reminder on social media in the Cerus Squad facebook group each morning with the exercise and instructions. We are giving away twelve $10 Cerus E-Gift codes to our store to daily participants! You can only win one $10 gift card per individual during this challenge.

To win a prize: You MUST comment on one of our social posts with a video of exercise or tell us how you did. And you MUST tag 3 friends to join in on the daily challenge. 😁

Day 1: Ho Ho Plank Hold: 3 minutes total: 1 min. left side plank, 1 min. right side plank, 1 min. center plank.
Day 2: All I Want for Christmas are Abs: Max. crunches for 2 min.
Day 3: Carol of the Kettle Bell Swings: 100 Kettle Bell Swings (or use dumbbells).
Day 4: Jumpin’ around the Christmas Tree: 50 Jump Squats or Box Jumps.
Day 5: Come All Ye Flutter Kicks: 100 Flutter Kicks.
Day 6: Jingle Bell Jumping Jacks: 200 Jumping Jacks.
Day 7: Do You Wanna Build a Snow Man: 50 Medicine Ball Lunges (or use dumbbells).
Day 8: The Crunch Stole Christmas: 100 Reverse Crunches.
Day 9: I Saw Momma Kicking Santa Claus: 1 min. right side kick, 1 min. left side kick, 1 min. Donkey kick.
Day 10: Run, Run Rudolph: 1 Mile run.
Day 11: Spin the Dreidel: (8 reps, one for each Night of Hanukkah)

The steps are:
1. Begin on your back, hands behind head, knees up with ankles crossed.
2. Lift your hips, Shift them to the left and lower, realign your shoulders. Do this as many times as it takes to be back in the position where you started. Stop then turn the other way by lifting your hips, chef them to the right and lower, realign your shoulders. Do this as many times it takes to be back in the position where you started again. This counts as one full rotation.
3. Complete this rotation eight times.

Day 12: ‘O Holy Lunge: 50 Woodchop Lunge. (Weighted or not).

Prize Drawing- FREE $95 KitBrix Bag

At the end of the challenge one lucky participant will be chosen via a drawing to receive a Kitbrix bag. 

An additional 12 people will receive a $10 Gift Card to the Cerus Store.

Note: You must fill out your mailing address to be eligible to receive either Prize.

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