Now it’s time to make some gains. This workout should take about 30 minutes. For Planks and pushups, you can always complete movements with your knees on the ground until you feel strong enough to do the movement as shown.

Circuit 1- Repeat 2X

 Roll Planks- 20


  Slow Motion Pushups -10

Note: count to 3 on your way down and then count to 1 on your way up. Fight gravity!

  Reverse Crunches- 50

  Dive Bomber Pushups- 8

Note: That’s the end of Circuit 1. Take a minute break between circuits if needed.

Circuit 2- Repeat 2X

  Hip Touches- 20

  1-Leg Elbow Plank (Left/Right)- 30 Seconds/30 Seconds

Note: Only 1 foot should make contact with the ground when you are in your plank.

 Prisoner Pushups- 10

Note: Pushup, Knee to Chest, Other Knee to Chest counts as 1

 Russian Twists- 50

Note: You can do these with weight or with just your hands.

Circuit 3- 1X

 Plank- 60 Seconds

Way to go. Over time these will get easier.