Over half-way on this unit. Take care of business. One step closer.

Circuit 1- Repeat 2X

 Slow Motion Pushups (3 Seconds Down/1 Second Up)- 10

  Single Leg Elbow Planks (L/R)- 60 Seconds/60 Seconds

 Dive Bombers- 8

  Reverse Crunch- 25

Circuit 2- Repeat 2X

  Decline Step-over Pushups- 10

  Flutter Kicks- 30

  3-Legged Bear Crawls (5-Yds)- 2L/2R

 V-Up Crunches- 20

Circuit 3- 1X

 Left Side Elbow Plank- 60 Seconds

 Right Side Elbow Plank- 60 Seconds

Way to go. Keep your head down and keep pushing through these.