Nearly halfway done after this. Here we go:

Circuit 1- Repeat 2X

 Jumping Jacks (for Speed)- 1 Min

  Step-ups- 2 Min

  Leg Over Chair- 1 Min

  Elevated Rock Climbers- 1 Min

Circuit 2- Repeat 2X

  1 Leg Jump and Switch (on Chair or bench)- 2 Mins

  Plank Jacks- 1 Min

  Jumping Jacks- 2 Mins

Circuit 3- Repeat 2X

 Shadow Boxing- 3 Mins

 Explosive Hip Touches- 1 Min

 8-Count Pushups- 1 Min

Maintenance- Core Strength

 Roll Planks- 30

 V-Up Situps- 25

 Left Side Plank- To Failure

 Right Side Plank- To Failure

These are starting to increase in difficulty. Take notes on where you struggled and excelled.