You’ve come this far.

Now one more standard Cardio training session before you test out.

Circuit 1- Repeat 2X

 8-Count Pushups- 2 Mins

  Forward to Reverse Bear Crawls- 2 Mins

  Runner’s Skip- 1 Min

Circuit 2- Repeat 2X

  Leg Over Chair- 2 Mins

  Cross Jacks- 1 Min

  Half Jacks- 1 Min

 Steps ups- 2 Mins

Circuit 3- Repeat 2X

 Explosive Hip Touches- 1 Min

 Jumping Lunges- 1 Min

 Inchworm- 2 Mins

Maintenance- Core Strength

 Close Grip Pushups- 50

  Plank- To Failure

And just like that you are one step away from testing out. How much do you think you have improved?

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