This one is not so bad….but you’ll be glad when it’s over!

Circuit 1- Repeat 2X

 Squat Thrusts- 1 Min

 Mountain Climbers- 1 Mins

  Step-Ups- 2 Mins

 High Knees- 1 Min

Circuit 2- Repeat 2X

  Burpees- 1 Min

  Bear Crawls- 2 Mins

  Explosive Hip Touches- 1 Min

 Plank to Knee Touches- 1 Min

Circuit 3- Repeat 2X

 Inchworm- 2 Min

 Mountain Climbers with a twist- 1 Min

 Runner’s Skips- 1 Min

 Long Jump to High Knees Back- 1 Min

Maintenance- Core Strength

 Hip Touches- 125

 Pushups- 50

See? No problem. When your will matches your motivation you can do amazing things.