Plyometrics Test

The next few weeks will be focused on making gains on your fast twitch muscle groups. The test in this unit will measure where you are at with explosive movements primarily centered around different types of jumping.

Take the time between attempts to make sure you can give a maximum effort on your next try.

Number of Explosive Pushups in 2 Mins (Record total)

Notes: Hands and feet need to leave the ground to qualify as a rep between each pushup. This will quickly exhaust you, but a good strategy is to do it in waves followed by rest over the 2 minute time frame allotted.

Left Leg Max Vertical- 3 Attempts (Record total of the 3)

Notes: This should be done without any kind of running start. Begin directly below the surface you will measure your vertical off of and jump using only the strength of your left leg.

One tip for measuring the height of your attempts: you can put chalk on your finger tips to see just how high you jumped if reaching up a wall.

Right Leg Max Vertical- 3 Attempts (Record total of the 3)

Notes: It’s likely you’ll have different maxes depending on the leg you jump off. Most of us have a “dominant” leg. We want to measure improvements in both.

Another tip to measure your vertical attempt: Tape a ruler on the wall above you and have a friend stand behind you to say how high your hand reached on each attempt.

Leap Frog Distance- 3 Attempts (Record Total of the 3)

Note: Each of the 3 jumps should begin with your hands touching the ground in front of you. Begin by exploding upwards and forwards as far as you can before gravity kicks in.

Jump Ups in 2 Minutes

Notes: Find a bench or set of stairs that is 18+” above the ground. See how many times you can jump in two minutes.

The higher the surface you can attempt safely the better as we are more interested in the repeated jumps for height than the cardio behind shorter jumps.We recommend 18-24″ above the ground. Be consistent about the surface you choose on your test out.

Two Footed Max Vertical- 3 Attempts (Combine total)

Notes: You can take a step up to this jump, but make sure when you leave the ground it is under the power of both of your legs combined.

It’s likely this vertical will be much higher than your single leg attempts, but remember you utilize different muscle groups.

Max Burpees in Two Minutes (Record Total)

Notes: There is an element of cardio involved in this. Remember to jump between each rep and complete the pushup every time you reach the ground.

That’s it! We’re going to work hard the next 9 workouts to improve your fast twitch muscle groups.

Get ready for lots and lots of jumping!

Record your results in the form below.

Module III Test In