Ok, let’s dig into the Plyo Module III with your first brick. Each workout in this module will begin with Cardio maintenance (doubling as a warm-up), and end with Core maintenance.

Remember that the plyometric movements we want you to go “big”. Jump as high as you can, as far as you can….not for speed or cadence. Take breaks where needed this unit although it isn’t factored in to the 35 minute target time.

Another note: this module often uses total reps rather than circuits. If you have 50 jumps and 50 leapfrogs you can split those up (2 sets of 25 jumps to 25 leaps) to make a circuit or…. knock them all out at once (1 set of 50 followed by another set of 50). It’s up to you; let your overall muscle fatigue be your guide and don’t compromise form in later reps.

Maintenance- Cardio Strength

Jumping Jacks- 3 Mins

High Knees- 2 Mins

Main Workout- Plyometrics

Left Leg Jumps for Max Height- 25

Right Leg Jumps for Max Height- 25

Leapfrog Burpees- 25

Bodyweight Squats- 75

Lateral Jumpovers- 50

  Depth Jumps- 25

Forward Lunge- 40

 Reverse Lunge- 40

Tuck Jumps- 20

Maintenance- Core Strength

Reverse Crunches- 50

Scissor Claps- 50

That's it. This is a tough unit but probably the most rewarding in terms of results.