Now that you’ve completed the first full workout you have a better idea of what to expect moving forward. If you approached the last workout without circuits, but found yourself too tired to give maximum effort, feel free to adjust this time out.

Remember the key this unit is short, maximal efforts to get the most fast twitch muscle development possible.

Maintenance- Cardio Strength

Mountain Climbers- 1 Min

Jump Rope or Air Skip- 4 Mins

Main Workout- Plyometrics

Explosive Pushups- 20

Jump- Ups (18-24″)- 20

Lateral Lunges- 50

Explosive Pushups (Set #2)- 20

Skater Lateral Leaps- 75

Squat Thrusts- 40

Goblet Squats (With Weight)- 50

Maintenance- Core Strength

Up-Down Planks- 25

Knee to Opposite Elbow- 25

Hopefully that didn't take you too much longer than 35 minutes total. These can be a grind but well worth it.