By now you’re starting to get the hang of these.

Keep with this and the results will follow. This one is a fun one:

Maintenance- Cardio Strength

Shadow Boxing- 3 Mins

Bear Crawls- 2 Mins

Main Workout- Plyometrics

Leapfrog for Max Distance- 30

Burpee to Stair Jump- 30

Ground Up Jumps (with weight)- 40

Single Leg Leapfrog for Max Distance (Left)- 20

Single Leg Leapfrog for Max Distance (Right)- 20

Jumping Lunges (for Max Height)- 30

Explosive Hip Touch- 50

Maintenance- Core Strength

Knee Hug Crunches- 50

Bicycle Abs- 75

That's a wrap. If your legs are sore tomorrow, some passive stretching (such as a hot bath or prolonged walk) would be a good idea to reduce the lactic acid.