Enjoy the grind. You’re improving yourself each workout…brick by brick.

This one is pretty tough. Feel free to mix and match to get to your rep totals. They don’t have to be done all at once. (Example: 20 Explosive Pushups, then 20 Left Leg Jumps, then 20 more Explosive Pushups to reach 40 total).

Maintenance- Cardio Strength

Mountain Climbers- 3 Minutes

Everest Mountain Climbers- 2 Minutes

Main Workout- Plyometrics

Explosive Pushups- 40

Left Leg Vertical Jumps (for Max Height)- 40

Right Leg Vertical Jumps (for Max Height)- 40

Shoulder Up Jumps (with Weight)- 40

Jump ups (18-24″)- 50

Forward Lunges- 50

Reverse Lunges- 50

 Tuck Jumps for Max Height- 25

Maintenance- Core Strength

V-up Crunches- 50

Left Plank- To Failure

Right Plank- To Failure

You came. You saw. You conquered. All done for the day.