“Success at anything will always come down to two things: FORCE & EFFORT. And we control both.”

This is what we cooked up for today:

Maintenance- Cardio Strength

High Knees- 3 Mins

Inchworm- 2 Mins

Main Workout- Plyometrics

Explosive Pushups- 40

Jump Ups (18-24″)- 80

Tuck Jumps- 35

Skips for Max Height- 50

Lateral Jumps for Distance- 75

Goblet Squats (Weighted)- 30

Explosive Hip Touches- 60

Maintenance- Core Strength

Plank- 90 Seconds

Left Side Plank- 60 Seconds

Right Side Plank- 60 Seconds

A better athlete brick by brick. That's you. Nice work today.