Sometimes we try to make fitness too complicated. You get out what you put in. If you are putting in the work you will see results.

Here we go:

Maintenance- Cardio Strength

Jumping Jacks- 2 Mins

Skips- 3 Mins

Main Workout- Plyometrics

Leapfrog- 3 X 25

Burpees- 2 x 25

180 Jumps- 4 X 25

Jump Ups- 3 x 25

Squat Thrusts- 3 x 25

  Ground up Jumps (Weighted)-  5 x 10

Forward Lunge- 40

 Reverse Lunge- 40

Maintenance- Core Strength

Plank to Knee Tap L/R- 30

Reverse Crunch- 125

Today we pushed it. One more workout until the test out.