The finish line is in sight. One more hard workout before you get there.

Maintenance- Cardio

 Jump Rope/Air Skips- 3 Mins

 Jumping Jacks- 2 Mins

Speed Work

 Two- Footed Lateral Line Hops- 150

 20 Yd Sprints- 10X

 30 Rapid Toe Taps (Front)- 5X

 30 Rapid Toe Taps (Lateral)- 5X

Cone Work

  Figure 8’s- 15X

  4 Cone Cut-Cut Drops- 15X

 T-Drill- 10x

Ladder Work

  Out to In- 5X

  Lateral In/In/Out/Out- 5X

  High Knees- 5X

Maintenance- Core

  V-Ups- 75

 Knee Hugs- 75

We'll reflect on just how far you've come after your test out. Congrats on making it this far. You should be proud of what you've done!