Now we transition into the fourth Module of workouts. These workouts are all preceded by a Cardio Warmup, and followed by either Core or Plyo Maintenance so we can keep up with the gains you earned in Module I-III.

These speed workouts consist of 3 segments: Raw speed work, cone drills, and speed/agility ladder drills. Be patient learning the cone and ladder drills, as they sometimes require a little practice before you can rock them full speed.

Here goes:

Maintenance- Cardio

 Shadow Boxing- 3 Minutes

 High Knees- 2 Minutes

Speed Work

 Front Toe Taps- 150

 Two- Footed Line Hops- 100

 Lateral Toe Taps- 150

 10 Yard Sprints- 20

Cone Work

 T-Drill- 10x

 W-Drill- 10x

Ladder Work

 One Footed Hops- 4x/Leg

 Out-In’s- 10x

Maintenance- Core

 Pushups- 50

 Scissor Claps- 75

That's It! Call It a Day.