The grind begins. It can be grueling but always rewarding.

Maintenance- Cardio

 Half Jacks- 2 Mins

 Mountain Climbers- 1 Min

 Jumping Jacks- 2 Mins

Speed Work

 20 Rapid Toe Taps- 5X

 40 Left to Right Hops Over Cone- 5X

 20 Yd High Knees (5 Yd) to Sprint (15 Yd)- 10X

 20 Yd Lateral Shuffle (5 Yd) to Sprint (15 (Yd)- 10X

Cone Work

 Figure 8’s- 20X

 3 Cone Drill- 10X

Ladder Work

 Icky Shuffle- 5X

 Runner’s Ladder- 5X

Maintenance- Plyos

  Burpees- 20

 Tuck Jumps-25

A bit taxing but you've endured tougher workouts than that. Take care of your body between workouts. Stretch and Rehydrate!