Approach these workouts with the aim of precision. Once you perfect the movements the speed follows. Back at it:

Maintenance- Cardio

 Explosive Hip Touches- 1 Min

 Jumping Lunges- 2 Mins

 Inchworms- 2 Mins

Speed Work

 10 Front Toe Taps For Max Speed- 10X

 10 Lateral Taps For Max Speed- 10X

 20 Yard-Reverse (10 Yard) to Forward (10 Yard) Sprint- 8X

 30 Yd Sprint- 8X

Cone Work

 4 Cone Cut-Cut Drops- 15X

 T-Drill- 10x

Ladder Work

 High Knees- 5X

 2-1-2’s- 5X

 Forward (Vertical) Two Footed Hops- 5X

Maintenance- Core

 Knee Hugs- 50

 Regular Plank- To Failure

 Left Plank- To Failure

 Right Plank- To Failure

 This workout was heavy on change of direction, acceleration, and coordination; all important tools for any athlete.

Rest up and we’ll see you in 4.5

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