We’re approaching the halfway point. Now your coordination will begin to see rapid improvements. The results can increase exponentially from here, so stick with it and remain consistent! You got this.

Maintenance- Cardio

 High Skips- 2 Mins

 High Knees- 2 Minutes

 Plank Jacks- 1 Min

Speed Work

 40 Yard Sprints- 6X

 10-Toe Tap Drops- 25X

 20 Yd Reverse Peddle (5 Yd) to Sprint (15 Yd)- 6X

 Lateral Line Hop-150X

Cone Work

 W-Drill- 10x

 Lateral Cone Shuffles (5 yds Apart)- 25X

Ladder Work

 Icky Shuffle- 8X

 Karaoke- 5X

 Runners (1 in/1 out switch)- 5X

Maintenance- Plyos

 Leapfrog Burpees- 20

 Lunges- 40

 Reverse Lunges- 40

Stick with this and you can't fail. Great work making it this far.