This marks the halfway point. Push through this and we’ll see you on the other side.

Maintenance- Cardio

 Jump Rope/Air Skip- 3 Mins

 Burpees- 2 Mins

Speed Work

 50 Yd Sprint- 5X

 20 Rapid Toe Tap Drops- 5X

 Forward to Reverse Line Hops-100X

 Lateral Line Hops- 100X

Cone Work

 T-Drill- 10x

  3 Cone Drill- 10X

Ladder Work

 High Knees- 8X

 Lateral Ladder In/In/Out/Out- 8X

 Out-In’s- 5x

Maintenance- Core

 Up-Downs- 25

 Knee to Opposite Elbow- 50

 Reverse Crunch- 25

Half-way and unstoppable. Looking forward to seeing your test out results.