With just 3 to go, really focus on explosiveness in these final workouts. You should have the coordination down by now but there are major gains still to be had.

Maintenance- Cardio

 Skips- 2 Mins

 Leapfrog- 2 Mins

 Mountain Climbers W/ Twist- 1 Minute

Speed Work

 20 Yd Reverse Peddle (5 yd) to Sprint (15 Yd)- 5X

 20 Yd Lateral Shuffle (5 Yd) to Sprint (15 Yd)- 5X

 10-Toe Tap Drops- 30

Cone Work

 W-Drill- 10x

 T-Drill- 10x

Ladder Work

 Karaoke- 5X

  Lateral In/In/Out/Out- 3X Right/ 3X Left

  Runners- 5X

  High Knees- 3X

Maintenance- Core

  Plank- 60 Seconds

  Reverse Crunches- 25

  Roll Planks- 25

 Hip Touches- 25

Brick by Brick. Take time to enjoy the process of improving yourself.