These last two workouts will focus on preparing you for your test out. Take time between reps to make sure you can go at full speed.

Maintenance- Cardio

 Bear Crawls- 2 Mins

 Squat Thrusts- 2 Mins

 High Knees- 1 Min

Speed Work

 40 Yd Sprints- 5X

 Front Toe Taps- 100

 Lateral Toe Taps- 100

 20 Yd High Knees (5 Yd) to Sprint (15 Yd)- 5X

Cone Work

  10 Yd Lateral Karaoke- 20

  3 Cone Drill- 10X

  10 Yd Lateral Cone Shuffle- 20X

Ladder Work

 One Footed Hops- 3x/ Left Leg

 One Footed Hops- 3x/ Right Leg

  Icky Shuffle- 5X

  2 Out- 1 in Middle- 4X

Maintenance- Plyos

  Depth Jumps- 20

 Jump Ups- 50

 Explosive Hip Touches- 50

Well Done. Get ready for the last major workout before your test out. Take the time to stretch and recover following this workout.