Cerus Pro Squad Unveiled

Cerus welcomes Alexia, Richard, and Alicia to their first Pro Squad as Professional Athletes and Community Fitness Leaders

Cerus Fitness

Cerus Fitness is proud to announce that Alicia Ocasio, Richard Leeper, and Alexia Weatherford will lead the first Cerus Pro Squad.

“Cerus Fitness is truly lucky to have such great athletes and leaders added to our team. Our vision has been to celebrate athletes and their accomplishments, while also finding a way to reach out to the local Northern Colorado community and continue to be involved and active.

Alexia, Richard, and Alicia are truly talented as athletes but in equal measure they understand the value of being more than just competitors. In our selection process, time and again they were identified by their peers as motivators and community builders who give freely of their time just to help others in their fitness journeys.” -Chris Johnson, Owner, Cerus Fitness

Alexia, Richard and Alicia will not only represent the Cerus brand as Athletes but also as community leaders offering free workouts and instruction to others in Colorado

The pro squad will compete as professionals in a number of races, but they will also be leaders of the new community Cerus is building dubbed the Cerus Squad“. They will each host a series of free fitness workouts and events in their local communities as ambassadors of Cerus.

“In my mind most racing companies get it half right- they put on a great race but then they take off for a year before appearing back in the area. So much happens over the course of a year and Cerus wants to be a part of the  process, not just host a great race.

For us obstacle races and events are more about community than anything, and being part of the community means giving and engaging year round- not just hosting an event and disappearing. People who want to participate in events should have a variety of ways to train and prepare for events year round. Who better to lead community training like this than the very pros who are winning the races already?”- Chris Johnson



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