The 5 Fitness Enemies You Didn't Know You Had


Your fitness journey is an uphill battle, and these no good dirty rotten personas of people around you may be causing you harm.

1. The Shortcutter

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just do this?”

Fitness is tough, and often causes you to live in a state of discomfort. You put together a plan that resulted in getting up early or putting in more time and effort for a reason.

Beware the friend who thinks they are making life easier by suggesting a quicker path to get where you want to go. In fitness, the journey is just as important as the destination. The time and effort you put in are worth it– so tell Mr. “Efficiency” to take a hike.

2. The Enabler

“Want some of these chips?”

Most of us are guilty of offering the poor soul suffering on day 3 of their diet some of the delicious chips we just tapped into. The enabler means to be kind or helpful but the end result means testing your resolve to say no and resist.

No you shouldn’t offer someone on calorie restriction seconds just like you shouldn’t offer them a bite of your ice cream when they go sugar free. Enablers mean well but steer clear until resisting them is easier.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Perfect

“I Eat Only Collard Greens and Train 4+ Hours a Day”

We get to see their amazing workouts and 12 calorie smoothies. They just make health and fitness look way too easy AND a near impossible distance from where you are now. Regardless of what you see on social, they are people too.

The Reality– they have failed just like you, and they make exceptions to their diet and workout routine like you do. It’s easy to post about perfection and achievement but these people are still searching for the courage to show you that other side.

4. The Nag

“I Called, Texted and Emailed You to Make Sure You Worked Out”

They mean well, but somewhere between the 3rd text to see if you did your workout today and shipping you their favorite probiotic they lost you. Accountability is a wonderful thing, but too much “help” can send you running for the hills.

Find the balance between constant and consistent with your friend so they can help you long term rather than needing to screen their calls just so you can catch your breath.

5. The Forgiver

“It’s OK to Quit”

The Forgiver is the most dangerous of all and often comes from our closest loved ones. Many times at our lowest point we seek validation or reassurance from someone close to us. We are looking for someone to say it’s ok you failed (which it is) but they they take it a step further and give you permission to abandon ship on your plans, resolutions, and goals when things seem the most bleak.

It’s hard to see loved ones struggle and fail, but giving them “permission” to quit may guarantee they don’t recover from the current low point on their health and fitness journey to ultimately turn a short term failure into a  long term success. No journey is without it’s lows– be sure to encourage those people to keep pressing on.

Most of these personas come from a place of love and from people near and dear to you. Don’t worry if you are some of these yourself– (At times I’m an Enabler, Nag, and Forgiver)– but it’s important to understand what their true impact could be on those you care about!