Joint Statement From Cerus Fitness and Legion Athletics

Legion Athletics Becomes Exclusive Supplement Sponsor of Cerus Fitness

Wednesday April 10th, 2019

Denver, CO- Today Cerus Fitness announced a partnership with supplement industry leader Legion Athletics who will become the exclusive supplement sponsor of Cerus Fitness and Cerus OCR.

“We really wanted to find a partner in the supplement space which had a focus on true science and transparency. We wanted supplements and products that would truly benefit the athletes in our community and equip them with an understanding of the science behind their ingredients. I’m extremely enthusiastic about Legion, their approach and their exceptional products.” Said Chris Johnson, owner of Cerus Fitness.

Legion Athletics was founded on the premise that many supplement companies provide products without enough scientific research and without effective dosages. They pride themselves on products backed by peer reviewed science with transparency on their ingredients and dosages.

From Miles Putney, Director of Sponsorships for Legion Athletics:

“We here at Legion Athletics are excited to announce our newest partnership with Colorado’s own, Cerus Fitness! With nothing short of an excellent track record of putting on the perfect combination of fun, yet challenging, events, I can say with certainty we will each be able to contribute to each other’s success!  Legion looks forward to expanding its presence in the OCR community and we know partnering with Cerus will help us to achieve that. We truly believe OCR athletes of all ages, sexes, shapes and sizes can see notable benefits, both on and off the course, with the use of 100% natural, scientifically backed supplements!”

Be sure to check out Legion‘s products which are also now available in the Cerus StoreYou can use the code “Cerus” in either store for 10% off your order of supplements.