It’s a question I see pop up frequently—and as we have been fortunate enough to continue growing – becomes more persistent from customers, members of the community and even those seeking to invest:

“What exactly is Cerus Fitness? Where are you going with this?”

“Is it a local OCR company?” Well…sure yeah…that’s a part of us…

“So, It’s like a workout group all over Colorado?” Yeah that’s part of it too…

“Ok- I see you guys make and sell your own custom products—so you’re like an apparel and equipment company?” Yeah that is an important of our company…

“What about a training facility—will you have that too?”

All great questions—and ones myself and members of our team will enthusiastically dive into a 15-20-minute conversation about our young and growing company—its direction, its passion, and our ambitious pursuit.

Cerus Fitness has one simple mission: Create an enduring lifestyle of health and fitness in for as many people as possible.

At the heart of Cerus Fitness is a passion for inspiring others to improve their lives and create a sustainable lifestyle of health and fitness that sticks around beyond the short-term ebbs and flows of motivation or New Year’s challenges.

If you were to put a term or category on “what” Cerus Fitness is the best fit would be a “Lifestyle Fitness Company”.

What does that mean? Well, we started Cerus because we saw a problem… While there are so many fitness related companies, events, and products—many of them seemed to leave the recipe for a healthy lifestyle half-baked.

If you look at the health and fitness industry, there are giant brands who tour the country and put on fantastic events, but then they’re mostly radio-silent the other 364 days of the year. There are amazing fitness and apparel products sold by companies and delivered to your doorstep that will sit in the corner collecting dust for the next 2-3 years. And there are many excellent gyms, fitness boutiques, online trainers, and professionals, you name it—but unfortunately many struggle to keep those who walk through their doors engaged enough to keep coming back. (*In fact, brick and mortar fitness companies are reporting a growing trend of over 50% annualized attrition across the industry. That means out of every 2 people who join, 1 will be gone before the end of the year.)

So many of the individual parts in the industry that we’d hope and expect would come together to make for healthier lives—just haven’t. Obesity rates continue to rise even with the abundance of choice.

That’s why the mission of Cerus Fitness is simple: create a company to bring the parts together and make it whole. Bring together the fun and exciting events you want to attend with the things you need to train for them– then take it a step further by offering free training events year-round to keep fitness accessible. Finally– back it all with a vibrant and active community of people also striving to live healthier lives to keep us engaged and accountable.

For fitness to become a truly sustainable lifestyle, the sum of the parts needs to come together for each person. Our pursuit is to make that process easier and more likely to stick for the long term.

We welcome ALL people of ALL ability levels. I’d like to personally invite YOU to join our community for free training, accountability and camaraderie. The best time to get started: yesterday. Jump in and let us share in and support your health and fitness journey.

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Chris is the founder and owner of Cerus Fitness. He is a fitness fanatic and obstacle racer who calls Colorado home with his wife and two kids.