The Forge. A tool used for centuries to create, transform, and improve through intense heat and hard work. To forge is to heat, hammer, and shape into something better and useful. Put another way, to “forge on” means to proceed forward, often in the face of adversity.

This mindset represents everything that CerusForge stands for. We believe that, to improve as an athlete and as a human being, one must push themselves beyond what is thought possible. Real transformation and self-improvement comes from withstanding the heat of the forge for as a long as possible, and hammering your mind and body into something greater than it was before.

Think of it this way: Much of our daily routine is comparable to water flowing over rock. Our daily workouts and the good habits we want to maintain shape us over time. Consistency is king. While consistent activity is essential, to truly shape ourselves into hardened, resilient, and powerful people we must occasionally enter the forge. The forge is where drastic changes occur to our mentality and our perceived limitations.


Entering the forge means something different for everyone. It can only be defined by going to that place that is uncomfortable, that is hard, and that touches the wall of your perceived capability. Some call it the “pain cave”; others call it “the suck”. For one person, the forge may be pushing through a 5k race. For others it may be willing yourself over the finish of a 100-miler. Whatever you choose to call it, the longer you can stay in the fire the more powerful the change you will experience.

There is beauty in the simplicity of pushing yourself in this way. Doing so strips away all the self-doubt, and anxiety that we all carry, and replaces it with the singular focus of accomplishing the task at hand. Once we find ourselves on the other side of the rubble that was the proverbial wall, we are forced to realize that we put the wall there in the first place.

We also believe that there is much value in the shared experience of conquering obstacles and challenges as a  team. Entering into a difficult situation, and coming out the other side victorious as a group has the power to bond teammates together like few other things can. In essence, a team is forged as one through shared hardship.

CerusForge is here to facilitate the growth, transformation, and breaking down of barriers that each of us needs to realize our limitless potential in life. We aim to accomplish this through unique and challenging events and by smiling through adversity. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or are an elite athlete, we encourage you to join us in our journey of self-improvement. Get out, and get forged!

If you are ready to enter the forge and test your physical and mental acuity all while having fun with like-minded friends, we invite you to join us at the CerusForge events this spring and summer.

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Nick McNabb

Nick McNabb

Nick is the Operations Manager of Cerus Forge. His experience with endurance sports and the great outdoors has led him to believe that people are much more capable than they believe and that removing mental barriers is the key to increasing human performance.