The Cerus Fitness Sandbag will change how you train forever.

Durable. Tough as Nails. Versatile.

Built to handle any workout. The utility knife of training.



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Materials and Design

We use the toughest, most Heavy Duty (military spec) materials and paired them with quality construction to withstand any workout.

Capacity: 25-75lbs

What Customers Are Saying

These Cerus bags are awesome! It’s like having my own gym anywhere and anytime I want. I work out with it at home or take my bag out on runs where I’m able to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise without ever having to wait for a machine to free up! Best purchase I’ve made in quite some time.
Jash T.
Love the Cerus bag. Working out with it engages muscles I didn’t know I had. The multiple handles, and option to remove or add weight make it great for all levels of fitness. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a killer workout!
We use this bag all the time during our training at the boxing gym. It is super durable. Different handle locations for different lifts! Strong stitching and really strong nylon. A Great Buy!
Darin P.
What a fantastic training tool! This product is very well made and very functional for a variety of movements. This product far exceeded my expectations and is terrific value.
Jason O.
Amazon Customer


The Brahma Bag comes with 3 “fill bags” that you fill with sand (sand not included). Once filled to your desired weight, throw the fill bags in the outer shell, zip it up and get to training.

The weight is adjustable- you can add or remove a fill bag to get to the ideal weight for the training exercise of your choice.


Sandbag training is best when the weight (sand) can shift; for this reason we recommend filling the bags between 35 and 75 pounds.

Can it handle 75 lbs of sand? No problem, but at that weight the sand won’t shift much.


We love obstacle racing at Cerus Fitness. Our bags are perfect to train for carries in any setting. Use them to work on total body training to be prepared for the physical demands of OCR races of any distance.

Total Body Strength

These bags are great for total body training, grip strength, functional strength, stabilizer muscles and overall core strength. We believe there is nothing more powerful than versatility.

Built To Last

We beat our bags up and tested them every way we could imagine. Through hundreds of hours of testing and revisions we developed the Brahma sandbag to take a beating. Each sandbag comes with a 12 month limited warranty. This sandbag is not intended for slamming or dragging on paved surfaces.

Cerus Fitness Sandbags for Training
Cerus Fitness Sandbags for Training

The Toughest Sandbag In The World.