Cerus Fitness and Legendborne Announce Partnership

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Cerus Fitness and Legendborne Announce Partnership on Racewear Products Cerus Fitness and Legendborne Joint Press Release Denver, Colorado, August 10, 2018- Cerus Fitness ( and LegendBorne ( today announced their partnership as they release the first Cerus Fitness Team Jerseys which are available now. LegendBorne’s team will manufacture all official race-wear of Cerus Fitness beginning

Cerus Squad and 2018 Pro Squad

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Cerus Pro Squad Unveiled Cerus welcomes Alexia, Richard, and Alicia to their first Pro Squad as Professional Athletes and Community Fitness Leaders Cerus Fitness Cerus Fitness is proud to announce that Alicia Ocasio, Richard Leeper, and Alexia Weatherford will lead the first Cerus Pro Squad. "Cerus Fitness is truly lucky to have such great athletes

Mental Notes

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Mental Notes One of the challenges that people face when they start a new training program is the discomfort that comes from trying to do things they aren’t very good at.I was reminded of this the other night. I was playing checkers with my five-year-old daughter. We were nearing the end of the game, and

The Top 3 Reasons We Fail Our Goals

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  Top 3 Reasons People Fail Their Fitness Goals I used to make an art out of failing. It seemed each time I set after a goal, I found a new and inventive way to lose sight of my goals and give up. I’ve tried losing weight and actually gained weight in the process. I’ve