Module 1


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1.10   After this workout you will test out. It's tough, but you're ready. Circuit 1- Repeat 2X  Plank- 90 Seconds   Reverse Crunch- 40   Roll Planks- 40  Incline Knee to Elbow- 35 Circuit 2- Repeat 2X   Close Grip Pushups- 15   Up-Down Planks-15   Wide Grip Pushups-15  Bicycle Crunches- 75 Circuit 3-


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1.9  The finish line for this unit is just around the corner. Back to work: Circuit 1- Repeat 2X  Side Plank L/R- 45 Sec Each   Prisoner Pusherups- 15   Hip Touches- 50   Russian Twists- 25 Circuit 2- Repeat 2X   Joint Up-Down Planks- 15   V-Up Situps- 15   Lateral Bear Crawls (5


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1.8   This one is a little tough, but you're ready. Grind it out. Circuit 1- Repeat 2X  Spiderman Walk (5yd)- 2   Hip Touches- 35   V-Up Situps- 15  Mountain Climbers- 35 Circuit 2- Repeat 2X   Plank Walkups- 25   Side Crunch L/R- 20L/20R   Knee Hug Crunches- 25  T-Stabilizers L/R- 30 Sec


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1.7   By now you are starting to see some changes. Let's build momentum as we head towards the finish line. Circuit 1- Repeat 2X  Mountain Climbers- 30   Oblique V-Situps L/R- 20L/20R   Joint Up-Down Planks- 15   Close Grip Pushups- 15 Circuit 2- Repeat 2X   Everest Mountain Climbers- 15   Russian Twists-

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