Module 3

3.11 Test Out

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Plyometrics Test Out After your test, let us know what you think about the unit. We want to celebrate your success and learn how we could improve our program to better serve you.That being said....go kill it first:Number of Explosive Pushups in 2 Mins (Record total)Notes: Hands and feet need to leave the ground to


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3.10 This workout is just as important as the last 9.Put in a good day then we'll see just how great the gains were. Maintenance- Cardio Strength Shadow Boxing- 3 Mins Plank Jacks- 2 Mins Main Workout- Plyometrics Left Leg Jumps for Max Height- 35 Right Leg Jumps for Max Height- 35 Shoulder Up Weighted


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3.9 Sometimes we try to make fitness too complicated. You get out what you put in. If you are putting in the work you will see results.Here we go: Maintenance- Cardio Strength Jumping Jacks- 2 Mins Skips- 3 Mins Main Workout- Plyometrics Leapfrog- 3 X 25 Burpees- 2 x 25 180 Jumps- 4 X 25


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3.8 "Success at anything will always come down to two things: FORCE & EFFORT. And we control both."This is what we cooked up for today: Maintenance- Cardio Strength High Knees- 3 Mins Inchworm- 2 Mins Main Workout- Plyometrics Explosive Pushups- 40 Jump Ups (18-24")- 80 Tuck Jumps- 35 Skips for Max Height- 50 Lateral Jumps


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3.7 By now, you are starting to see results.If you keep with this consistently the results will be greater.Here's today's workout: Maintenance- Cardio Strength Jump Rope/Air Skips- 2 Mins Shadow Boxing- 3 Mins Main Workout- Plyometrics Left Leg Jumps- 3 X10 Right Leg Jumps- 3 X 10 Leapfrog Burpees-3 X 12 Squat Thrusts- 4 X