Module 4


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4.10 The finish line is in sight. One more hard workout before you get there. Maintenance- Cardio  Jump Rope/Air Skips- 3 Mins  Jumping Jacks- 2 Mins Speed Work  Two- Footed Lateral Line Hops- 150  20 Yd Sprints- 10X  30 Rapid Toe Taps (Front)- 5X  30 Rapid Toe Taps (Lateral)- 5X Cone Work   Figure 8's-


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4.9 These last two workouts will focus on preparing you for your test out. Take time between reps to make sure you can go at full speed. Maintenance- Cardio  Bear Crawls- 2 Mins  Squat Thrusts- 2 Mins  High Knees- 1 Min Speed Work  40 Yd Sprints- 5X  Front Toe Taps- 100  Lateral Toe Taps- 100


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4.8 With just 3 to go, really focus on explosiveness in these final workouts. You should have the coordination down by now but there are major gains still to be had. Maintenance- Cardio  Skips- 2 Mins  Leapfrog- 2 Mins  Mountain Climbers W/ Twist- 1 Minute Speed Work  20 Yd Reverse Peddle (5 yd) to Sprint


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4.7  In the 4 workouts remaining, how much do you think you can accomplish? Maintenance- Cardio  Jumping Lunge- 2 Mins  Mountain Climbers- 1 Min  Close Grip Pushups- 25  Wide Grip Pushups- 25 Speed Work  10 Yd Sprints- 8X  20 Yd Sprints- 4X  50-Front Toe Taps- 3X  30-Lateral Toe Taps- 4X Cone Work   Figure 8's-