Module 4


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4.6 This marks the halfway point. Push through this and we'll see you on the other side. Maintenance- Cardio  Jump Rope/Air Skip- 3 Mins  Burpees- 2 Mins Speed Work  50 Yd Sprint- 5X  20 Rapid Toe Tap Drops- 5X  Forward to Reverse Line Hops-100X  Lateral Line Hops- 100X Cone Work  T-Drill- 10x   3 Cone


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4.5 We're approaching the halfway point. Now your coordination will begin to see rapid improvements. The results can increase exponentially from here, so stick with it and remain consistent! You got this. Maintenance- Cardio  High Skips- 2 Mins  High Knees- 2 Minutes  Plank Jacks- 1 Min Speed Work  40 Yard Sprints- 6X  10-Toe Tap Drops-


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4.4 Approach these workouts with the aim of precision. Once you perfect the movements the speed follows. Back at it: Maintenance- Cardio  Explosive Hip Touches- 1 Min  Jumping Lunges- 2 Mins  Inchworms- 2 Mins Speed Work  10 Front Toe Taps For Max Speed- 10X  10 Lateral Taps For Max Speed- 10X  20 Yard-Reverse (10 Yard)


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4.3 The grind begins. It can be grueling but always rewarding. Maintenance- Cardio  Half Jacks- 2 Mins  Mountain Climbers- 1 Min  Jumping Jacks- 2 Mins Speed Work  20 Rapid Toe Taps- 5X  40 Left to Right Hops Over Cone- 5X  20 Yd High Knees (5 Yd) to Sprint (15 Yd)- 10X  20 Yd Lateral Shuffle


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4.2 Now we transition into the fourth Module of workouts. These workouts are all preceded by a Cardio Warmup, and followed by either Core or Plyo Maintenance so we can keep up with the gains you earned in Module I-III.These speed workouts consist of 3 segments: Raw speed work, cone drills, and speed/agility ladder drills.