Cerus Announces Cash Prizes

Posted by Chris Johnson on  January 30, 2019

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2019 Cerus Races to Pay Podium Finishers Cerus Racing Cerus Announces Podium Awards to it’s 2019 Races Both the Cerus Races in 2019- CerusRuk  (5/11/19) and CerusLuv (9/21/19) will pay cash rewards to podium finishers in the competitive overall categories for Male and Female racers. Both Male and Female competitive racers have a chance to earn $100 (First Place, $75 (Second Place), or $50 (Third Place) based on their final standing at the completion of
The 5 Fitness Enemies You Didn’t Know You Had By CHRIS JOHNSON Your fitness journey is an uphill battle, and these no good dirty rotten personas of people around you may be causing you harm. 1. The Shortcutter “Wouldn’t it be easier to just do this?” Fitness is tough, and often causes you to live in a state of discomfort. You put together a plan that resulted in getting up early or putting in more

Squat Complex

Posted by Chris Johnson on  January 6, 2019

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What is a Squat Complex? A complex is a series of moves linked together to work a certain part of you body in different ways all at once. In this video I have several complexes designed to strengthen your legs and core to get ready to run with weight. With CerusRuk not too far off, these complexes will give you the muscular endurance needed to carry a weighted pack over rugged terrain. https://youtu.be/s9YT899pee8 1. 3
Squats are one of my favorite lifts. Simple, straightforward and one of the strongest motions our body can do. They are also super functional to strengthen our legs to run up hills and compete in ruck events.  Two of my favorite squat routines involve a squat reverse pyramid. A reverse pyramid is when you add or subtract reps or weight with each set. Here are two examples. A strength pyramid and an endurance pyramid.  https://youtu.be/9SoxZjpWyus

Cerus Announces CerusRuk 2019

Posted by Chris Johnson on  December 21, 2018

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Loveland, CO- Cerus Fitness is bringing back CerusRuk in May 11th, 2019 in a big way.  CerusRuk was first unveiled in May 2018- setting itself apart as the first obstacle race that required competitive racers to haul (or Ruck) a weight through the obstacle course and obstacles themselves. “Cerus really prides ourselves on being innovators. When we first envisioned our Ruk race we wanted something gritty, tough, and challenging that had never been done before