Mental Notes One of the challenges that people face when they start a new training program is the discomfort that comes from trying to do things they aren’t very good at. I was reminded of this the other night. I was playing checkers with my five-year-old daughter. We were nearing Read More
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  Top 3 Reasons People Fail Their Fitness Goals I used to make an art out of failing. It seemed each time I set after a goal, I found a new and inventive way to lose sight of my goals and give up. I’ve tried losing weight and actually gained Read More
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What is a Ketogenic Diet? Disclaimer: you should consult any dietary change with a medical professional. Especially if you are at risk for diabetes or heart disease. The Ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb diet. It seeks to “reprogram” metabolisms to focus on burning fat in the absence Read More
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  More Informed, Less Active In today’s day and age, there is more information now than ever about the benefits of exercise, being at a healthy weight, and just living an active life. We know more now than we ever did that our quality of life improves with fitness and Read More
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