CerusRUK Race Day Info

CerusRUK Race Day Info 2018-05-10T15:19:35+00:00

Parking/Schedule/What to Bring

The Course

Race Day Schedule

•8:30 AM- Check-in Opens
•9:30 AM- Individual Wave Launches
•9:45 AM-Team Wave Launches
•10:00 AM- Team Wave 2 Launches
•10:15 AM- Light Wave Launches
•10:30 AM- Daddy’s Goodness BBQ Food Truck Opens
•11:00 AM- Finish Line Festival Begins
•Fitness Competitions and Giveaways for all racers to participate in after they complete the race
•12:30 PM- Awards Ceremony
•1:00pm PM- Continued Fitness Competitions and Giveaways
•2:00pm CerusRuk Ends
•Complimentary Beers at Horse and Dragon Brewery will be available at their location in Fort Collins

Our Email to Attendees

CerusRuk Attendees! We’re excited to have you joining us this Saturday! Some critical race day info and tips:

1. To check-in (opens at 8:30am) on site you need a signed waiver. Those are available at the following link:

At check-in you will be asked to provide the waiver and photo ID should match the name on the waiver.

2. You are responsible for bringing your rucksack/weight vest, etc. AND the weight (30lbs for all divisions except light which is 10-15lbs). There is a weigh in station at the start area.

3. Be prepared for inclement weather- it’s expected to rain at some point and having a change of dry clothes at finish is a good idea.

4. At the finish line, Cerus and our Sponsors such as the USAF Special Operations will be hosting a series of fitness challenges and giveaways to racers. Horse and Dragon Brewery will be giving away coupons for a complimentary beer that can be redeemed at their brewery location in Fort Collins, CO

5. The venue is a one of a kind: Snowcliff Ranch is also a Yak farm! Though all the Yaks will be in pens during the race, you will get an opportunity to see the Yaks (including the newest 3 week old ones) at the start area and at places throughout the course.

6. Wave times are based on your division (teams waves are being balanced for numbers so be prepared for either team wave):

Male/Female Individual: 9:30am

Team Wave 1: 9:45am

Team Wave 2: 10:00am

Light Wave: 10:15am

It’s important to us that racers feel well informed and know what to expect so you can spend all your time enjoying the event. If you have ANY questions we encourage you to reach out and we’ll get you taken care of.

For this same reason, we’re also hosting a live stream event on 5/9 at 8pm on our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CerusFitness/) to answer any questions racers have and discuss more of what to expect on race day.