Cerus Covid-19 Response

Learn about what we’re doing to keep you healthy and safe 

The safety of our members and our team is extremely important to us. That’s why we’ve taken a meticulous approach to our protocols and safety measures. We’re proud to continue to serve our community in a responsible way.

We closely follow Colorado State Health Guidelines along with CDC recommendations to create our policy and procedures. 

Social Distancing

  • We redesigned our facility to allow for social distancing on machines and workout areas.
  • Our classes are socially distanced and minimize all multi-touch.
  • We request frequent hand cleaning at 8 locations within the gym along with every restroom.
  • We limit open training slots and class size.

Cerus Staff Requirements

  • Our staff wears masks 100% of the time.
  • Our staff is required to take temperature checks and a COVID questionnaire before entry.
  • Our staff re-cleans items used by members each class.

Cleaning Procedures

  • Our staff cleans multiple zones of the gym every hour on the hour when our gym is open.
  • Our members are each required to clean the items the used at the completion of their workout via our self cleaning stations.
  • We use a hospital grade virucide in all our cleaning solutions. 
  • We complete a daily deep clean of the facility including all floors.

Facility Enhancements

  • We redesigned to have dedicated entry and exit doors to limit cross traffic.
  • We implemented a CO2 monitor to ensure air quality is the same as open air.
  • We have a contactless reservation and check in system.
  • We limit facility capacity per state and county guidelines.

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