Module II: Endurance

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Module II: Cardio Endurance

What You Will Need

  • Prerequisite: Complete Module I: Core

  • Stopwatch/ Timer

  • A Space 5’x10′

  • A Chair or Couch

  • Optional: Jump Rope

  • A way to measure your heart rate

  • About 35 minutes per workout


Step II to building a good athlete is the dreaded cardio or “conditioning”. It doesn’t have to be as painful or boring as the 30-minute uphill lung burning runs etched in your memory.

However, this is a critical unit which will build the foundation needed to add more unique athletic skills down the road. Oh, and don’t worry about losing all the progress you just earned on your core; we’ll have mini “maintenance” sessions for core at the end of each workout to help you, well, maintain.

Feel free on off days to thrown in a workout from Module I if you want to keep making Core gains instead of just maintaining.