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Trainer Profile and Specialties

Richard Leeper, Head Trainer

Training Skills
Obstacle Racing
Weight Loss
Upper Body/ Grip Strength
Lower Body Strength

Richard Leeper is the Vice President of Operations and Head Trainer of Cerus Fitness. He is a seasoned and extremely experienced athlete specializing in OCR, Speed, Stamina and Endurance including 5k-10K, triathlons, short to Ultra distance OCR.

He is passionate about educating people on how food and fitness can lead to a higher quality of life, no matter where they are at in their fitness journey. Regardless of whether you want to be an elite athlete or simply the healthiest you can be, Richard’s expertise and customized programs will help you get there!



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Rea Kolbl, Pro Trainer

Training Skills
Obstacle Racing
Upper Body/ Grip Strength
Lower Body Strength
Cross Training
Race Tactics

Rea Kolbl is a professional obstacle course racer and a member of the Spartan Pro Team. She’s the current Spartan Ultra World Champion, 2x World’s Toughest Mudder champion, and undefeated at endurance OCR for race distances 30 miles or longer. 

She loves outdoor adventure, multisport projects in the mountains, and exploring the world self-propelled. When she isn’t traveling for races you can find her trail running, mountain or road biking, skiing, and hiking.





Lifting with weights or just your own Bodyweight- Make Progress on your muscle goals.

Goal Specific

Whether it's a team sport, obstacle races, endurance or weight loss we gear our training to your goals

Skills Based

We break down training to focus on specific elements of athletics such as foot speed and core strength.

Training Services

Class Instruction

With 40+ weekly classes you can jump in with our training staff to take your fitness to the next level

1 on 1

The most effective training to make direct and measureable Gains

Group Training

Sessions with a personal trainer and one or more of your friends.

Remote Instruction

If you have a Hybrid membership you can stay accountable with weekly calls and guidance from one of our staff.

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