General Warranty

For Cerus Sandbags and RukX1

Cerus Fitness warrants the Cerus Sandbag (Brahma Bag) and CerusRukX1 sold by Cerus Fitness to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 5 years.

Exclusions From Coverage

Excluded from coverage under this warrant are the following:
  • Products other than the Cerus Sandbags or Cerus RukX1
  • Damage resulting from abuse or misuse
  • Damage resulting from extended wear and tear
  • Damage resulting from tampering or a customer modification
  • Damage resulting from abnormal or unadvised use of product. For all products unadvised use includes slamming, dropping and dragging product on paved surfaces as well as over-packing product beyond advised amount. For the Cerus Sandbags that means no fill bag is filled beyond 25lbs of sand.
  • Damage resulting from abnormal or unadvised use of product. For the Cerus RukX1 that means the pack is not filled with more than 60lbs of content. Any should be properly secured. Ruck weights of any kind should be padded or wrapped in padding and properly secured to prevent personal injury and damage to the product.
  • Receipt of product in a "used" or "once used" state. Product must be purchased "New" by the customer in order to qualify for a warranty claim.

What You Will Need to Do to Return Defective Products

Return shipping is paid and executed by customer. Replacement and Repair is contingent upon returned items. You must provide your order number.
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