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Cerus HIIT


Work up a sweat and feel your heart beat with this High Intensity Interval Training. Torch calories and increase muscular endurance all while improving cardiovascular fitness.
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Cerus Heavy

Cerus Heavy

2 Major lifts in a multi set lift followed by a short 7-10 minute Heavy HIIT Workout incorporating the lifts and other movements.
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Cerus Speed

Speed and Agility

Explosive speed is the key to taking your game to the next level. This class is focused on increasing that explosive straight-line speed.
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Cerus Cycle


Each Cerus Cycle class takes you on a ride through varied terrain including hills large and small; speed work, including sprints and jumps; and opportunities to practice form during endurance intervals. Every cycling class is inclusive for all levels as options are given to push yourself as hard as you feel fit.
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Cerus Yoga

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes. Work up a sweat and gain strength and flexibility through this more intense form of yoga.
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Cerus Strong

Strength Training

Lift Heavy Things! Work your major muscle groups with compound lifts and heavy sets. Practice form to lift safely to lift big.
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Cerus Boxing


This high intensity class works your arms, core and legs with classic boxing moves. Increase your explosive power with our top boxing trainer with workouts designed to challenge you to be your best.
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Cerus Stamina


Cardiovascular and muscular endurance are key to performance at the end of the game or those last race miles. High reps, low weight and long intervals under tension are a key component of fitness.
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Meet The Cerus Training Staff

Chris Johnson



President and CEO at Cerus, he also instructs boxing, strength, stamina and HIIT.

Nicole Mericle

Pro Trainer and Instructor


A world champion endurance and OCR athlete, Nicole is a special talent with a great deal of knowledge, experience and passion to share with the Cerus community!

Rich Leeper

Head Trainer & VP of Operations


Head Trainer at Cerus- Rich instructs OCR, HIIT, Strength, Speed and several other classes.


OCR, HIIT, Endurance, Speed


Rea Kolbl

Pro Trainer and Instructor


One of the foremost elite endurance and OCR athletes in the world- Rea is a personal trainer and class instructor (OCR, Endurance, and more) at Cerus.


Spin, HIIT and Strength


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