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Our story

The Cerus Fitness project was launched in 2017, founded on the idea in order for fitness to translate into lasting results it had to be a part of an everyday lifestyle.

For a healthy and fit lifestyle to be sustainable, fitness needs to be more than workouts– it needs to bring together community and be accessible to all people. It needs to provide a forum to test yourself and an opportunity to learn from your strengths and weaknesses athletically so you always have your next goal to strive for.

In October of 2017, in Loveland, CO– CerusLuv became the first obstacle course race created by Cerus, followed by the first CerusRuk race in Northern Colorado in May of 2018.

In February of 2018, Cerus launched its first fitness tool, the “Brahma Bag”. A versatile tool that could be used at home, in gym, or on the go and work virtually any muscle group.

Since our first obstacle race, Cerus has had the opportunity to grow its community and influence to thousands of people through world class obstacle races, community events and fitness products.

Our Core Values

Cerus Staff

Chris- CEO

  • Cerus Fitness was founded by Chris Johnson in Denver, Colorado. Chris’s personal journey in fitness started nearly 12 years–and 70 pounds–ago, when he was overweight and seeking to make life changes after a series of short lived attempts using unsustainable techniques.
  • In business Chris has an extensive background in analytics and business development working with a number of fortune 500 companies. 
  • Chris has a background in startup tech businesses and truly enjoys bringing tech and fitness worlds together at Cerus.
  • He is a husband, father of two and fitness fanatic who is lucky to call Colorado home.
Cerus Fitness Sandbags for Training

Rich- VP of Operations

  • Rich’s passion for fitness and industry experience makes him a perfect fit as VP of Operations and Head Trainer at Cerus.  
  • When he’s not coaching at his CerusLFT gym sessions or competing in obstacle course races, you’ll find him spending time with his wife of 16 years and two sons whom he refers to as his “true loves”.  
  • Rich brings knowledge, enthusiasm, and a healthy dose of competitiveness to the Cerus team.

Jamie- Graphic Design

  • Jamie holds dual roles as Cerus’ Graphic Designer and Media Specialist.  If you’ve ever interacted with Cerus on social media, odds are it was Jamie behind the scenes working her community engagement magic.  
  • Jamie manages all of Cerus’ videography and photography.  
  • When she’s not designing Cerus’ amazing graphics, she spends her time creative journaling and wrangling her two young children.

Cerus Event Staff

Jeff- Cerus Timing

  • Technically proficient and an admitted “tech nerd”, Jeff is the brains and brawn behind Cerus Timing.  
  • He enjoys the challenge of configuring complex systems and is always thinking of new ways to improve the race experience. 
  •  In addition to his computer interests, Jeff enjoys participating in obstacle course races with his family and playing with his three dogs

Jenny- Merchandise

  • With her role as Merchandise Manager, Jenny ensures only the best products are put in front of the Cerus community.
  • As a professional extrovert, she loves being in the middle of the action at the merch tent at Cerus events and can usually be heard throughout the festival area cheering for the racers.  
  • Outside of Cerus, Jenny enjoys spending time with her husband and two teenage sons, completing obstacle course races, and playing with her three rescue dogs.

Steve- Race Logistics

  • Steve is the “wheels on the ground” guy in his role as Transport Manager and Cerus Pro.
  •   He played rugby through his college years and is a certified scuba diver as well as an obstacle course racer with the title of CerusRuk 2019 Champion.  
  • With a Doctorate of Business Administration in Information Systems, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge to the Cerus team and race operations.

Nick- Cerus Forge

  • As the Operations Manager of Cerus Forge, Nick is committed to creating an atmosphere of competitiveness and positivity in the fitness community.  
  • His experience with endurance sports and the great outdoors has led him to believe that people are much more capable than they believe and that removing mental barriers is the key to increasing human performance.

Lonnie- Event Sales

  • Lonnie is a newer addition to the Cerus team and is in charge of sponsorship and bulk ticket sales.  
  • An avid obstacle course racer, she truly enjoys celebrating with others as they come through the finish line of a race.  
  • Lonnie studied chemistry in college and is an improvisational tribal-style belly dancer.
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