About Us

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Our story

The Cerus Fitness project was launched in 2017 for people who are looking to get meaningful results from their at-home workouts. Our training is a skills based approach to fitness that focuses on time and efficiency of your exercises, while still getting meaningful results.

Cerus was founded on the idea that fitness is a part of community and should be accessible to all people wherever they are at in their fitness journeys.

In October of 2017, in Loveland, CO– CerusLuv became the first obstacle course race created by Cerus, followed by the first CerusRuk race in Northern Colorado in May of 2018.

In February of 2018, Cerus launched its first fitness tool, the “Brahma Bag”. A versatile tool that could be used at home, in gym, or on the go and work virtually any muscle group.

Our Values: Positivity - Encouragement - Community


Cerus Fitness was founded by Chris Johnson in Denver, Colorado. Chris’s personal journey in fitness started nearly 10 years–and 70 pounds–ago, when he was overweight and seeking to make life changes after a series of short lived attempts using unsustainable techniques.

In business Chris has an extensive background in analytics and business development working with a number of fortune 500 companies. In the sports world, Chris got his starts as Certified Personal Trainer working with professional and amateur athletes beginning in 2010 in a variety of fields: boxing, basketball, football, marathon running, triathlons, and obstacle course racing before founding Cerus Fitness.

He is a husband, father of two, fitness fanatic and obstacle racing junkie who is lucky to call Colorado home.

Cerus Staff

Jamie- Co-Owner

Jamie is a social media wiz, artist and photographer at Cerus. In her spare time she spends time wrangling her two young children, adventuring outdoors, and crafting in a number of different mediums.

Zach- Race Operations Director

Nichole- Director of Sponsorships

When she’s not planning races, you can find her teaching preschool, chasing her kids, running or participating in Obstacle course races. Nichole and her husband host backyard bootcamp and enjoy running together. Fitness is more than just a class in a gym to her, it’s living a healthy lifestyle and being active with her family.

Rich- Head Trainer

Rich is a competitive athlete and seasoned trainer with many years of experience in obstacle racing, endurance events, and team sports.