The Ultimate Fitness Competition

Next Up: CerusBrix Championships 8.28.21 in Frederick, CO

Test yourself against the 4 pillars of fitness: Speed, Strength, Agility and Endurance.

How It Works


Sample Event

Note: In CerusBrix Quads each partner will complete TWO (2) of the FOUR (4) Brix of the event. Partners will launch simultaneously for the Speed/Strength and Agility/Endurance sections and total time is a composite of the four partner’s combined efforts.


  • 12.12. 2020 (Solos)– Complete all 4 Bricks individually –Completed
  • 1.23.21 (Duos)– Complete 2 Bricks/ Partner Completes 2 Bricks –Completed
  • 2.20.21 (Quads)–Complete 2 Bricks/ Each Partner Completes 2 Bricks (2X Speed, 2X Strength, 2X Agility, 2X Endurance) –Completed 
  • 8.28.21 Championships– 2 Divisions- Pro & Open –Next Up

First Wave: 9:00AM

Location: Cerus Fitness Gym

3771 Monarch St.
Units F&G
Frederick, CO 80516

Tickets on Sale for  8.28.21 Championships now!

*Start times not considered final until 8.20.21

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