The Ultimate Fitness Competition

Frederick, CO

Test yourself against the 4 pillars of fitness: Speed, Strength, Agility and Endurance.

The Workouts-1.08.22


Note: The format varies slightly in each event:

Solos- Competitors complete all 4 Brix with a fixed 5 minutes of rest between

Duos- Competitors complete 2 Brix and their teammate completes the other 2 Brix with 5-10 minutes of fixed rest between

Open- Competitors complete all 4 Brix over a 3 week period individually and are given opportunities to re-test.

Championship- Competitors (by qualification via the Open and Semifinals) complete all 4 Brix with a variable 10-30 minutes of rest between.


  • 1.08.22 (Solos)– Complete all 4 Brix individually
  • 3.12.22 (Duos)– Complete 2 Brix/ Partner Completes 2 Brix
  • 7.01.22-7.23.22 (Open)–Complete all 4 Brix individually over a multiweek period given an opportunity to retest. Includes entry to semifinals given placement
  • 8.27.22 Championships– 3 Divisions- Pro & Masters & Open 

First Wave: 9:00AM

Location: Cerus Fitness Gym

3771 Monarch St.
Units F&G
Frederick, CO 80516

Tickets on Sale now!

*Start times not considered final until 3 days prior to event

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