Why “Beast Mode” Isn’t Your Friend

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If you’ve followed me on social media or worked out with me or seen me at races, you all know I love a good ol’ fashioned push-your-boundaries, soul crushing physical effort. A leave-it-all-out-there-on-the-field effort where you can barely move afterwards. We call this “going beast mode” and you see every athlete you follow on social

What is Cerus Fitness?

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It’s a question I see pop up frequently—and as we have been fortunate enough to continue growing – becomes more persistent from customers, members of the community and even those seeking to invest:“What exactly is Cerus Fitness? Where are you going with this?”“Is it a local OCR company?” Well…sure yeah…that’s a part of us…“So, It’s

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

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When it comes to overall fitness, we want people to have a solid grounding in three main areas: Cardiovascular fitness, strength, and mobility. There are semantics and divisions among these that people will happily debate for entire careers, but generally humans do pretty okay when they run around a little bit, lift heavy things occasionally,

Injured? Do This.

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Injured? Do This. If we haven’t been there ourselves, we’ve definitely seen it in action. Months of sweat, work and planning all rendered to dust in an instant. A fall, a mistimed step, an over-extension- all followed by that familiar feeling of terror. The fear isn’t (usually) of the coming physical pain, but of