A Beginner’s Guide to Sandbag Training

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Sandbag training has been around for a long time but has recently gained popularity in mainstream fitness with the rise of CrossFit and Obstacle Racing sports.  Sandbags are a flexible and functional training tool for high-intensity strength and conditioning workouts that build power, strength, and especially speed.  Plus, they are a durable and easily

What the Ruk?

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I won’t speak for everyone, but there seems to be quite a few different reasons people decide to start rucking. Some do it to make walking more challenging and a better workout. Some do it for the added challenge. Others do it as part of specific events or programs. For me, it’s a mix of

Why “Beast Mode” Isn’t Your Friend

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If you’ve followed me on social media or worked out with me or seen me at races, you all know I love a good ol’ fashioned push-your-boundaries, soul crushing physical effort. A leave-it-all-out-there-on-the-field effort where you can barely move afterwards. We call this “going beast mode” and you see every athlete you follow on social