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Obstacle Racing Meets Ruck

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How It Works

Participating as individuals or teams, complete the obstacle course with a 30 pound weight of your choosing (we recommend a weighted backpack aka “Rucksack”).

Note: You do not need to complete the obstacles carrying the weight– you can drop it off and pick it back up– but you must complete each obstacle. The strategy of how to do this efficiently we’ll leave to you.

  • Obstacle Failure Penalty: 75 Rock Climbers

  • Weight and Rucksacks not provided.

  • Weight Minimum Applies to All Participants

  • For Teams- It is Permitted to Carry a Teammate’s Weight

  • Signed Waiver Is Required to Participate

  • Minimum Age: 14

Premier Sponsor

Support Local Firefighters

A portion of proceeds will be donated to support local volunteer firefighters

A portion of every ticket will be donated to the local volunteer fire department- Glacier View Fire Department.

What You’ll Get

Racer Beer Provided by Horse and Dragon Brewing Company
Complimentary Beer Provided by Horse and Dragon Brewing Company. Redeemable at Horse and Dragon Brewery in Fort Collins, CO

2018 EVENT

When: May 12, 2018

Check-In: 8:30am

First Wave: 9:30am

269 Snowcliff Road

Livermore, CO 80536

Tickets On Sale Until 5/11

Wave Start Times

Male/Female Individual: 9:30am

Team Wave 1: 9:45am

Team Wave 2: 10:00am

Light Wave: 10:15am

  • Email with official wave assignments will be sent on 5/9
  • Facebook live course reveal and Q/A session Wednesday 5/9 at 8pm MDT on Cerus Fitness Main Page.

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